Some historical facts

The 1960’s

The Tropical restaurant opened the doors to the first guests in the distant 60s of the 20th century. In 1963, he gained fame as the venue for some of Barcelona’s best parties. Since June 1964, the Tropical has become a place of attraction for the city’s bohemia, becoming a mythical icon for lovers of chic fun and parties in the Gatsby style. Also, various competitions, dance events were held here. The Tropical often became the center of attention of journalists, such as, for example, in the morning of 1968, when a yellow submarine surfaced on the coast in Gava Mar, while the Beatles played notes. Tropical was a trendsetter and innovator of the bold design of the 60s.

The 1970-80’s

In 1972, a night club was opened. Right away, he gained great fame and became a must-visit for fashionistas and women of fashion in Barcelona. The scale of popularity and love for the institution exceeded all expectations, and the Tropical logo became so famous and recognizable that customers began to stick a sticker with his image on the back of their car. Thus the Tropical closed club was organized.

Discos, concerts, and performances by famous artists have become the hallmark of the institution. In 1973, shows were given by Joan Manuel Serrat, El Ultimo de la Fila, La Frontera, Caligari Cabinet, Loquillo and Troglodytes, Negatives, People G, Chavela Vargas. There have also been numerous private parties, such as the Queen or Sade private parties, after performing in Barcelona in August 1986.


The 1990s and modernity

In 1988, the legendary Tropical Nightclub was demolished. But this wasn’t the end of an era, but only a new page in the life of a beloved venue. The building was erected according to a project developed by architect Oriol Regas, the former director of UP¬DOWN nightclub. A new complex includes a high-class hotel and restaurant on the seafront, with a private beach, beach club, bar and restaurant with spacious and bright rooms, ideal for events and celebrations. The cost of the complex exceeded 1,200 million pesetas. Three years after the opening of the company, which owned the complex declared bankruptcy, this happened during the 1992 economic crisis.

Since 1992, the Masia de Esplugas group began managing the complex and had been successfully doing this for over 20 years. During this time, Tropical has become a favorite vacation spot for world football stars, politicians, artists, as well as other famous personalities. In 2017, the full reconstruction of the complex began, and after its completion in 2019, the legendary Tropical opened again. Today it is also a first-class, designer 4-star boutique hotel.


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